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Consulting and Planning

MedSource is your single source provider for your healthcare organization’s marketing needs.  We manage all disciplines of healthcare including: Physician’s Practices, Ambulatory Surgery Centers,  Advanced Care Organizations, Hospitals, Long-Term Care Facilities.  All facets of healthcare marketing can be managed by a single team when you partner with us.   All of your print and digital needs can be met without taxing your staff.  We have strong Social Media skills to develop a stellar marketing plan.  Let us put our strong knowledge of today’s marketing environment go to work for you and you will get the best results at the best price.  Call us today to discuss how we can help you maintain and grow your organization.



MedSource Prescription Savings Card



MedSource offers a Pharmacy Discount Care.  There are MANY cards lying around pharmacies and businesses, however our Card is a better benefit to patients.  The average savings for our card is about $20.00 per patient.  Most patients with a $10.00 copay that are prescribed Generic pharmaceuticals, benefit the most.  Currently our highest savings is over $400.00 per month for a patient.  Email us today and we will email you the card, or simply print these two images.   #SAVEUP!     MedSource can put your Entity name and logo on our card to maximize branding for your healthcare or business marketing practice.


Print Media

  • Let the MedSource Marketing Team Manage All of your Print Media Needs
    • Graphic Design
    • Brochures
    • Folders
    • Campaign Specific Design and Print
    • Print and Mail Campaigns
    • Promotional Products Design and Print


Online Presence

  • Web Presence
    • Modern Web Design
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Web Optimization
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • E-Mail Targeted Campaigning for Current and Prospective Patients


  • Inbound Marketing
    • Inbound Link Building
    • Blog Campaigning and Thought Leader Development
    • Brand Significance Building
    • Web Social Responsibility Leadership
    • Organic Lead Generation
    • Generate a Loyal Base of Exiting and Potential Patients


  • Google
    • Google Search Optimization
    • Google Ad Words
    • Google Work Online Presence
    • Google Analytics Reporting
    • Google + Presence


  • Social Media
    • Platform Consultation and Selection.  With Hundreds of Platforms Available, There is more to Social Media than Facebook and Twitter
    • Smartphone Geo-fence Design and Implementation
    • Manage Current Social Media Trends and Stay on the Frontier of Social Presence with Ever Evolving Platforms
    • Single Service Platform to Manage all your Organizations Social Media Marketing