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Woods Medical

“The Corecare Medical System has been a great help to our practice. Performing AWVs had become a time-consuming task, considering the many guidelines involved with these exams. Corecare offers an effective way to perform these exams, helping to free up time for myself as well as my staff.”


— Trisha Woods, Office Administration



Tri-Care Family Medicine

“We tried for months to facilitate the Medicare Annual Wellness Visits through our EHR platform. We were able to conduct the program with 100% compliance with CMS, however, we simply could not capture above 25% of our patients because of the time and payroll hours. With the Corecare Solution from Medsource, we stay 100% compliant with the CMS guidelines, and are able to capture 70% of our Medicare eligible patients. Corecare is the easiest and most effective method without causing disruption in daily workflow. Corecare has been extraordinarily valuable to our practice and I would recommend their services without hesitation.”


— Josh Braun, Practice Administror